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Here's my story...


I asked the Lord to show me what areas I have not submitted under His Lordship. The Lord has shown me (so far!) that He wants to be the Lord of my music choices, my dietary choices, and how I spend my free time. I am also going to ask (because of Jessie's encouragement!) to be granted access to the Heavenly library to read "The Book of the Lion of Judah" and anything else He makes available to me. I felt the need to fast before presenting that request, "so that my requests will be heard on High." I am doing that fast now. Last night the Lord opened for me the Book of Life and showed me where my name was written in GOLD! He also showed me the process of how our names are recorded. "The breath of God" is beautiful to watch.

Jessie's Kingdom Living course was a turning point for me, and I'm so grateful for that fellowship time to spend with other believers.

Go In God's Boldness,

Miami Launch 2022

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