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Here's my story...


It has been my pleasure to attend Kingdom Living with Jessie in person. Jessie is a treasure! I am infinitely grateful for her life and ministry. Her knowledge and experiences are first-hand and deep as a person exposed to spiritual extremes. Indeed, attending Kingdom Living with Jessie has influenced me in the following ways:

First, I am more familiar with the possibilities that living in the Kingdom might offer. I better understand what to aim for at the highest levels. I didn't know these goals were truly possible: to have a relationship with God that surpasses anything that my current life (albeit good) may offer.

Second, I have a more thorough understanding of the powers and principalities against us as Warriors for Christ. Satan's generals and strategies are more insidious and cunning than we would ever know. I have always “known” that. However, this course revealed the evil one's plans in far more practical terms than I have experienced. I "see" evidence of the destroyer's handiwork in my communities and physical structures within any given city. My eyes are open!

Lastly, I have learned techniques to improve my life today. Reminded to "put on the whole armor of God," I better understand how physical ailments may have spiritual roots. Nevertheless, we do have tools: Prayer, Fasting, reading the Word, Worship, and Fellowship reverse many, many afflictions.

After this conference, I took my notes seriously. I have read and prayed in earnest. I have worked to remove and rebuke many of the spiritual obstacles in my life. I have focused on my authority, power, and dominion before the Lord. As a result, my prayers are more fervent, and the Word has more depth. Indeed, heaven seems oh-so-near, and I perceive my essential role in the Kingdom. Annette

Miami Launch 2022

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