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Here's my story...


I shared with some of the crew on Twitter that I had the most beautiful vision and message in my prayer.
I was frustrated before the workshop and I remember just crying to God. “What am I doing wrong, are you even here?“ My troubles are real, I’m losing it. I begged please show me a step in the right direction. My faith is strong, but I can’t say I feel connected.

The Kingdom living workshop came up almost immediately and it happened to be the weekend we planned to visit my daughter in Miami. I guess the biggest miracle is that my husband did not even question the cost.😂

After the workshop, I laid down to rest my eyes. It’s hard to explain, I didn’t feel asleep or awake. I was shot up through a portal of clouds. The colors were amazing and the journey was quick. When I stopped moving upward, I felt the presence of the Lord. I didn’t have much to say I just thanked him. I felt him! I floated back to earth as if In a balloon. The last thing I saw through these beautiful colors of clouds, was a foot. Like a black and white photo. Just some toes in a sandal.

I knew instantly that this was confirmation of God showing me the step forward I prayed for. Cyndi

Miami Launch 2022

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