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Here's my story...


My first revelation. I came to Miami because God opened every single door for me to go. I did not EVEN think I was going until I spoke to Alana and Mr. Berns and it happened. I was able to bless another to be able to come by altering my travel to pick her up and take her back. Offer her to share the free accommodations I was given. God is good. We are blessed.

My second revelation. I have been wrestling with my upcoming new season...I have prayed for a long time that my husband returns to being the breadwinner instead of me. I have struggled trying to figure out what this new season will look like. Fast Forward to the event. I met 4 amazing Florida women. As we connected we all began to pray for one another. During prayer, one of the ladies who has a gift of seeing, told me what she saw. I got chills. I now have a direction. I know God sent me there to hear from her....and from Jessie.

My third revelation occurred during the workshop when the 2 volunteers came forward. I had tears in my eyes. What an impact. THE MOST IMPACTFUL PART OF THAT EVENT FOR ME! Tell me WHY do we all have Thyroid Problems? Ear Problems? Time to Examine Closely.

I had several moments that gave me chills..... it was a Spirit Filled Weekend!
Many thanks and blessings to All who worked hard to make this happen. God truly blessed us all.....

Deb Wright

Miami Launch 2022

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