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Here's my story...


Talk about divine connections! On the plane, in my new friend and chance roommate, the divine meals we chanced upon, the hotel - all had supernatural fingerprints on it. I feel I've truly found my teammates in Jessie's tribe.

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, rebuke the spirits - No big deal! Of course we can do these greater things when we abide in Jesus and speak our testimony. The experiences that Jessie's shared made me feel it's the most natural expression of intentional Kingdom Living. God has truly redeemed her suffering!

In seeking guidance on how to go about God's call on my life, I signed up for the Miami event. The kingdom living course launched me into action by giving me the direction I needed to cooperate with God in preparing the way for Jesus' return. Jessie is not asking us to follow her, but to follow Him, and is launching each of us into our divine callings.


Miami Launch 2022

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